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Access Control Solutions that Match Your Needs

Different types and sizes of businesses have different access needs. Access Control solutions can help keep your employees and inventory safer by limiting who can enter your business, how they can enter it, and when they can enter it.

Scheduled Access
Only allow access to your business during certain time periods.

Secure Key Cards
Provide hard-to-duplicate key cards for employees to access your facility.

Permission-Based Access
Grant access to the employees who need to enter specific areas within your business.

Automatic Locking
Set doors to lock automatically for extra security.

Card Deactivation
Quickly deactivate key cards when an employee leaves your company.

Remote Control
Remotely control access to your business from your laptop or mobile device.

Access Control Products

Smart Locks
Lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere with your mobile devices.

Keycard Readers
Programmable cards allow you to assign specific cards to individuals and track who comes and goes from your business.


Two-way communication allows you to speak directly with the people at your door.

  • Keypad Card Reader
  • Access Control Digital Keypad
  • Keypad door lock installation


What is Access Control?

Access control is a method of guaranteeing that users are who they say they are and that they have the appropriate access to company data.

Upgrading Security System

If you need the extra layer of protection like upgrading intercom system, as today many buildings without doormen upgrading security and installing an intercom system.

Our services include repair and maintenance.

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