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Intercom service from CCTV NYC can provide you with all of the information to get the system that you need.
Whether it is wireless or integrated intercom systems for your business or home, let our technicians guide you. No job is too big or too small for us! Our knowledgeable technicians will make sure that you have the correct system!

Audio Intercom
Selective Call or Voice Only Intercom – Audio Only Intercom – Select the room you wish to communicate with for private communication. 646-362-2009.

Wireless Intercom
Communicate throughout your home/office without having to run a single wire using a wireless or IP-based home intercom system.

Video Intercom
Control access to your home, and view who is at the door before opening. These video door intercom systems add security and control to your home.

Room-to-Room Intercoms
Communicate and enjoy music in each room with one convenient intercom system. Expand and customize with many options.

Intercom Repair NYC

When the intercom doesn’t work or partly work, people wants the repair the same day, and that’s why?! Because the intercom system is a very big part of both for the purposes of security and convenience in homes and businesses.

Although we start as camera systems experts, we, at CCTV NYC wanted to provide an umbrella of security services. After years of working with intercom technologies, we know to perform fast and efficient work at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a new intercom system or repairing an existing one then give us a call now! We can help you to find the best system for your particular budget and your specific project! Our technicians are experienced with upgrading intercom systems, integrating existing intercom systems into your current security systems as well as fresh installations.

We repair doorbell, buzzer systems, voice intercom systems, video intercom systems, telephone intercom systems, and the recently popular IP intercom systems. We work with many of the top intercom brands, including Aiphone, Door King, Lee Dan, Siedle and Wireless Intercom to provide you with the system that best fits your needs! We offer special pricing for commercial/corporate accounts.

Additional services:

Type of repairs we do:

  • Buzzer Systems
  • Voice Intercom
  • Video Intercom
  • Telephone Intercom
  • IP Intercom Systems


Upgrading Security System-Intercom System

If you need the extra layer of protection like upgrading intercom system, as today many buildings without doormen upgrading security and installing an intercom system. 

Our services include repair and maintenance.

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